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“Cryptocurrency is the fastest growing currency in the world, yet one of the most volatile.  Our mission is to hedge our clients risk in this market through dollar cost averaging and allowing them access to 100% of the markets current and upcoming currencies.”


– Paul Gains
VP Operations – Crypto21

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Unlike stocks, you can buy fractions of digital coins.

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Start with as little as $99 a month.

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Buying and holding crypto seems like a good idea nowadays, but there is a lot of risk that comes along with that. Cryptocurrency is the most volatile market in the world. At Crypto21, we study the markets and are free to take any position we see fit to earn a return for our client, no matter if it’s a up or down market. We are always hedging our investments white limiting your risk with alerts, triggers, futures and options.

When you invest in Crypto21, you are investing in a company that works 24 hours a day to first, protect your assets and second, grow your assets.

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A forward thinking investment management firm

Thank you for taking an interest in Crypto21. We are an innovative investment management firm that specializes in cryptocurrency. After discovering the success that comes along with cryptocurrencies, we formed a leading cryptocurrency hedge fund. Cryptocurrency is one of the most profitable and high-speed growing assets that we will ever see in our lifetimes. Here at Crypto21, our mission is to capitalize on this unique opportunity by recognizing that with change and innovation comes incredible opportunities for profits than those previously associated with traditional investments such as stocks and mutual funds.

Crypto21 simply makes it possible to attain great results that entail better access, lower cost, and great efficiencies associated with crypto currencies. These are the essential promises of the blockchain, which we apply to investment management to establish better customer experience for investors. Since the blockchain is an extraordinary thing, we are also ready to make extraordinary improvements in the wealth management industry.

You do no need to have experience in crypto currency to invest with us. We have such faith in our company, our team, and our investment strategies.

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