Frequently Asked Questions

Yes. We invest time, energy and resources in researching the latest ICOs and ITOs. When we find suitable ones, we take a stake in the coin or token.

With our system, you can can rest assured your coins are secure.Thousands of hackers work tirelessly trying to get into these sites. They may get lucky every few weeks and succeed at accessing one or two. Still, that won’t affect the security of your coins on our site. Our site is just a reporting site. If it were hacked, they would not get one red cent.

While we have normal security features, we don’t store any coins on our site. Everything we do is remote. The coins you transfer to us go to a masked address hackers can’t see. 90% of our coins are kept in cold storage until it’s time to move them or the client want to make a withdrawal.

Not at all. Coinbase doesn’t offer much beyond a wallet. Experts say never leave coins in online wallets unless you’re using them for daily transactions. If you have a large amount of coins, it’s best to move them to a cold storage like one by Crypto21.

You make your own selections. There is a choice on the signup page where you select the type of investments you want to make. We can also help you decide. Once that is done, we handle the rest.

We don’t charge you to sell your coins. The only possible fee is if we send them to an outside address. If we cash out your coins, you have no fees for that. We have a unique system similar to the way gold transfer from country to country.

Federal Reserve Bank of New York holds the world’s gold supply. When countries want to transfer or sell it, they move the gold from one room to another. Crypto21 uses the same method. We have buyers and sellers, so we get to avoid the commissions by keeping it in-house.

Absolutely! With a simple request, your coins will be on their way.

You have no lock up period or early withdrawal fees to worry about with us.

The first thing we do is accept your initial investment. As it grows, we remove the initial investment and continuing investing the earnings. As the profits continue growing, we remove them bit by bit. That creates a safety net in case a major crash happens. It’s like mowing your lawn. We take off the top as the grass continues to grow.

To send coins, you must give us the desired address and request the transfer via phone. All calls for transfers must come from the same phone number on the account. We don’t require this extra step when using a wallet online. The difference is we provide protection from hackers that other online wallets simply can’t do.

Yes. The IRS requires taxes on all realized capital gains.

When you are ready to transfer your coins to us, give us a call. We will send you a one time wallet by email. From there, you can send the coins to that wallet. We also have a phone verification process. Before sending the coins, you need to verify the string of the wallet This helps confirm you are sending coins to our wallet.